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fliers – Migration is Natural

Do you really want to stop migration to the UK? Think again!

WE ARE ALL MIGRANTS! Migration is as old as human history, since the first homo sapiens.
MIGRATION IS 100% NATURAL. Birds do it, fish do it. Even the royal family did it.
MIGRATION IS TASTY! It brought you chips and ketchup, and that vindaloo curry.

Migration is good for the economy (but when the whole debate is narrowed down to the economy then we have unfortunately lost our humanity).
There is not a single moral argument against migration.
Banning migration is historically rare. Whenever it happened it was the policy of some of the worst regimes in history. Think of Hitler and Stalin – they were no fans of it. Kim Jong-un in North Korea does not like it either.
Curbing migration is racist: whom will you let in and whom will you let out? What assumptions are you making about those groups? No, really – think about it!

print and distribute the two fliers below, which are in Word format, so you can edit them, as you see best