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Refugee Clearances: the end of the Jungle?

The eviction date for the Calais camp inhabitants has been confirmed for 17 October 2016.  One more chapter in the long history of refugee settlements in Northern France comes to its end, crushed by the policies of the UK and French governments.

The Jungle started its life in the wake of the destruction of the Sangatte camp. Opened in 1999 and administered by the Red Cross, Sangatte was closed in 2002 by the then French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy, under pressure from David Blunkett, UK’s interior minister. Continue reading Refugee Clearances: the end of the Jungle?


Right to Remain – resources and activism on migration justice

Right to Remain is a UK-based human rights organisation working on migration justice.  Key areas of its work are:
– information and resources to groups and individuals on working to establish the right to remain and campaigning for migration justice.
– capacity-building training, workshops and meetings with grass-roots groups and networks.
– exposing the human impact of unjust immigration laws and policies, and we advocate for positive change.

Visit their website which is full of up-to-date information with:
– News
– Immigration and asylum legal advisors
– Details of immigration detention centres in the UK.
– Info and resources for researching country of origin information for asylum applications.
– a blog of legal resources for non-lawyers. With explanation of important legal developments in immigration, asylum and human rights law, and links to further resources.

Legal solidarity to ‘returnees’

On 4 April the European Union started forcibly evicting en masse refugees from the Greek islands to Turkey, which it has designated as a ‘safe country’. The EU calls these ‘returns’. The United Nations has called them illegal.

A website has been set up, Returnwatch, as an accessible and practical tool for people after having been forcibly returned to Turkey. It seeks to connect ‘returnees’ with lawyers and human rights NGOs in Turkey, as well as to document the procedures implemented by Turkish authorities. The website is also for third country nationals who will be deported from other EU members states to Turkey after the 1st of June 2016.

Share this with ‘returnees’ and activists.