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Space For All estate agency

An off-shoot of the Make It Happen! Homes for Refugees art project has just popped up!

Artists, activists, young people and local people were involved in art workshops that considered how to ensure that the important legend “Refugees Welcome” become a reality, how we can ‘Make it Happen!’ The biggest obstacle in Brighton is the expense of our housing, high rents that are unregulated in the private sector. We created a series of artworks that expose the difference between homes and properties, feeling at home and the market value of houses.

Space for All Estate Agency is located, temporarily, on the corner of Hartington Road and Brading Road, BN2 3PD.

Come and take a look at our window displays of current sales and lettings, all are the result of a collective effort of creativity.

Free. Viewing from the pavement.
Open 24 hours 7 days a week but hurry along, before a landlord spots an investment opportunity and evicts us.



Report: A Day of Drawing for Refugee Month

A Day of Drawing in solidarity with Migrants and Refugees: 28th May 2016 at the Dorset Place Gallery

The event involved five workshop activities run by members of the Drawing Research Interest Group.  It was an open event, with no charge, and included a drawing sale.

The day was initiated in the spirit of

and to this extent was experimental in nature. Part of the aim was to find out how we as artists, educators, researchers and students could try to engage with an issue that it is easy to feel helpless about, or overwhelmed by.
The programme was put together on a voluntary basis, the idea being to focus on how our intellectual and creative interests in drawing might be used for migrant and refugee activism, awareness and fund raising.
The drawing sale went on throughout the day and raised £200 for Hummingbird. A body of creative work was produced over the course of the day and in subsequent days.

Donated drawings on display at the pop-up sale:

This report provides a very brief summary of activities and some reflections on the day.  All photographs are by Anna Savage. Continue reading Report: A Day of Drawing for Refugee Month

Mustafa Y v. Secretary of State for the Home Department

Saturday 25th June at 4.30 pm in The Old Courtroom

‘Do you know what it feels like to witness an asylum trial?
Do you know what happens, how decisions are made, and who makes  them?’

Come to The Old Courtroom, located in the heart of Brighton, right next to Café Côte in Church Street, and find out!

Mustafa Y is a Palestinian who is fleeing an UNRWA refugee camp in Lebanon. In 2007, he applied for asylum in the UK. 
His case is still pending.
This will be his 5th appeal.
This free event, using a real and ongoing court case, has been created by Janina Moninska, a British actor, theatre practitioner and director, who has spent the last five years doing PhD research on Live Art and Refugees at the University of Brighton.

For more information or to reserve please mailto:janinamoninska@xs4all.nl

A Walk In Solidarity with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Detainees

Refugee Tales 2016
From Canterbury to Westminster

In June 2015 the Refugee Tales project walked in solidarity with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigration Detainees, from Dover to Crawley along the North Downs Way. As the project walked it reclaimed the landscape of South East England for the language of welcome, and everywhere it stopped it was met with hospitality and enthusiasm. Working directly in collaboration with those who had experienced the UK asylum system, and taking Chaucer’s great poem of journeying as a model, established writers told a series of tales en route. Through that sharing of other people’s tales the project gathered and communicated experiences of migration, seeking to show, in particular, what indefinite detention means.

refugee tales

From July 3 to July 8 2016, Refugee Tales will walk again. Starting with a Day of Thought, Performance and Action on the issue of ‘Being Detained Indefinitely’ the project will leave Canterbury on July 4, moving north to Gravesend and then along the Thames into central London, calling once again for the practice of indefinite immigration detention to end. At every stop of the way leading writers will help tell the tales of asylum seekers, refugees and detainees, as well as the stories of those who work with them. As the project walks it will create a space in which the language of welcome is the prevailing discourse, a political carnival in which the act of listening is a common resource.

Since Refugee Tales walked first time the debate around human movement has fluctuated dramatically, as pressure for a change of policy on indefinite detention has continued to build. It is a cruel and debilitating practice that continues to do untold damage to tens of thousands of lives. From to Westminster, Refugee Tales will call again for indefinite detention to end.

for more information on Indefinite Detention, and about the project visit the Refugee Tales website.

refugee awareness day

27 May, Friday, Falmer Campus, in various spaces in the Checkland building
Day event

– Find out more about the local migrant and refugee situation and how you can play your part
– Engage with local community groups
– Watch ‘Tasting my Future’ a film exploring how refugee women in Brighton cross cultural boundaries through cooking, followed by a Q&A session with Reem
– Images from ‘Refugee Tales’ with Avril Loveless


from 10.30 stalls from local community groups engaged in migrant & refugee solidarity including:
The School Bus Project
Schools of Sanctuary
Brighton and Hove Sanctuary on Sea
Doctors of the World
Refugees Welcome Crawley
Pop-up choir
Cake stall

11:00 Pop up choir singing Freedom Songs

11.30 ‘Tasting my Future’, a film exploring how Brighton refugee women cross cultural boundaries through cooking, followed by Q&A session

lunchtime: Pop up choir singing Freedom Songs

13:00 Words and images from Refugee Tales, a project of walking, performance and action. Introduction and film with Avril Loveless


Please come along and find out how you can help or contribute and turn a negative into a positive for our fellow human beings.

This event is linked to the University of Brighton Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Group’s (MARS) Refugee Month of May initiative: https://marsuob.wordpress.com

A Day of Drawing

Saturday 28th May 2016, 10:00-16.30
Dorset Place Gallery, Brighton

The University of Brighton’s Drawing Research Interest Group is running a day of drawing activities and conversation open to all – as a way of exploring and expressing solidarity with migrants and refugees and raising money for the Hummingbird Project refugee charity.

Come and take part in one or all of the activities.
Try some different approaches to drawing as a way of thinking about the experiences of migrants and refugees and about our connections with each other.
No drawing skill or experience is required – the activities will be guided by local tutors and students:
10.00         The network drawing game
11.00 Debate: the limits of dialogue – how do we respond to the refugee crisis?
12.00 Drawing in response to text read aloud
13.00 Drawing ourselves and others
14.00 Drawing and our collective voice
15.00 Pop-up drawing sale and cake

Drawings will be available to buy at £10 each, with proceeds donated to the Hummingbird Project.

More information about the Drawing Research Interest Group can be found at:

For information about the Hummingbird Project, see: http://www.hummingbirdproject.org.uk

Link to Dorset Place Gallery map: https://goo.gl/maps/GzMpaEgRRGo

Please note there will be some filming and photography during the day – if you would prefer not to be recorded just let one of the organisers know.

This event is linked to the University of Brighton Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Group’s (MARS) Refugee Month of May initiative: https://marsuob.wordpress.com

Refugee Rights and Community Responses


23 May, 7pm. Free, non-ticketed [2hrs 25m]
M2 Grand Parade, University of Brighton
Ages 14+ Audience Interaction

Two dramatized pieces dealing with the rights and expectations of refugees:

Mustafa Y v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015]
Janina Moninska
In 2007 a Palestinian fleeing an UNRWA refugee camp in Lebanon, applied for Asylum in the UK. His appeal is still pending. This live art event created by Janina Moninska, will attempt to address the following questions:What is my responsibility towards those seeking refuge from conflict or resisting occupation in their homelands? What are our options for response as individuals, communities or citizens?

You, Me and the Distance Between Us
Ellen Muriel
A showcase of a new play under development. This one woman show uses music, storytelling and puppetry to address the expectations, experiences and insecurities of its performer in relation to the current ‘refugee crisis’: a white, middle class drama graduate who found herself volunteering in the midst of those making the journey across Europe.

This will be followed by a response from Professor Marie-Benedicte Dembour and Jo Wilding, specialists in human rights and asylum law at the University of Brighton, and a Q and A with the audience.

This event is part of MARS, Migrant and Refugee Solidarity month at the University of Brighton