Bards Without Borders

As part of the Shakespeare and Education conference at the University of Brighton , the organisers have booked a performance called ‘Bards Without Borders’.

18:00 Friday 29 April
Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade, University of Brighton
For more details on the Bards without Borders project see their website. For more information on the event contact the conference organisers. Note this is a ticketed event.

Refugee Activism and Democracy Theory

seminar: On Refugee Activism and Democracy Theory

Prof. Sybille De La Rosa (Free University, Berlin)

Wednesday 15th June, 6-7.30pm
Room A500, Checkland Building, Falmer Campus, University of Brighton

an event organised by the Social Movement Network

Legal solidarity to ‘returnees’

On 4 April the European Union started forcibly evicting en masse refugees from the Greek islands to Turkey, which it has designated as a ‘safe country’. The EU calls these ‘returns’. The United Nations has called them illegal.

A website has been set up, Returnwatch, as an accessible and practical tool for people after having been forcibly returned to Turkey. It seeks to connect ‘returnees’ with lawyers and human rights NGOs in Turkey, as well as to document the procedures implemented by Turkish authorities. The website is also for third country nationals who will be deported from other EU members states to Turkey after the 1st of June 2016.

Share this with ‘returnees’ and activists.


May 2016 – Refugee Month: Programme

May is Refugee Month for MARS at the University of Brighton. We asked faculty and students to organise events that address the current ‘refugee crisis’ from their disciplinary perspective. Check here the programme of our events, ranging of from academic workshops and seminars to more open public events. Choose the event that suits most of your interests and bring along a couple of friends. Solidarity is strongest when it is shared!

11 May, Wednesday, 12:00-13:30: Refugee Tales: why do we listen? As scholars and researchers, how might we listen to the voices of refugees who tell tales of their experiences? What contribution or difference might listening make?  What effects might listening have on the story-tellers themselves?

12 May, Thursday, 17:00-19:30: The “Refugee Crisis” – Whose crisis is it? Where is it? What’s ethically and politically at stake? A Symposium with Frances Webber, Nicholas de Genova, Andrew Arsan, and Louise Purbrick. Organised by the Understanding Conflict research cluster.

19 May, Thursday, 15:10-17:00: Refugees and Humanitarian Crisis
A special interdisciplinary session at the Festival of Social Science, covering a wide range of topics.

23 May, Monday, 19:00-21:30: Refugee Rights and Community Responses Two dramatized pieces dealing with the rights and expectations of refugees: Mustafa Y v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015], by Janina Moninska // You, Me and the Distance Between Us, by Ellen Muriel

26 May, Thursday, 17:00-19:00: Helping refugees as volunteer health care workers. A talk by local nurses and a doctor who will share recent experiences helping refugees in Greece and provide practical advice for volunteering and donating.
This event is part of a teach-out in support of the UCU strike of 25-26 May.

27 May, Friday, 17:00: Refugee Crisis in Australia. Nick Riemer from the University of Sydney talks about collaboration and resistance in Australia’s war on refugees.

27 May, Friday, all day: Refugee Awareness Day.  Find out more about the local migrant and refugee situation and how you can play your part. Engage with local community groups. Watch films and photographs.

28 May, Saturday , 10:00-16.30: A Day of Drawing. The University of Brighton’s Drawing Research Interest Group is running a day of drawing activities and conversation open to all – as a way of exploring and expressing solidarity with migrants and refugees and raising money for the Hummingbird Project refugee charity.

solidarity in Brighton

Here is a list to the groups working in solidarity with the migrants and refugees in UK and abroad

Brighton2Calais: organises convoys of essential supplies from Brighton to refugees in the camp in Calais.

Brighton Migrant Solidarity: a grass-roots community and campaign group working to support migrants in Brighton and beyond.Brighton Migrant Solidarity run the Thousand41000 campaign which aims to recruit 1000 donators to each donate just £1 per month to provide secure rented accommodation for vulnerable migrants in the
Brighton and Hove area. They also run a Destitution Solidarity Fund and the Spare Room Network. Continue reading solidarity in Brighton

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton

Schengen Border Art

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton

The Migrant English Project

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton

Voices in Exile

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton

Sanctuary on Sea

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton

Calais Migrant Solidarity

The people want to bring down the border

The Hummingbird Project

Just another site

Refugee Tales

Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton


Migrant and Refugee Solidarity @ University of Brighton