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Space For All estate agency

An off-shoot of the Make It Happen! Homes for Refugees art project has just popped up!

Artists, activists, young people and local people were involved in art workshops that considered how to ensure that the important legend “Refugees Welcome” become a reality, how we can ‘Make it Happen!’ The biggest obstacle in Brighton is the expense of our housing, high rents that are unregulated in the private sector. We created a series of artworks that expose the difference between homes and properties, feeling at home and the market value of houses.

Space for All Estate Agency is located, temporarily, on the corner of Hartington Road and Brading Road, BN2 3PD.

Come and take a look at our window displays of current sales and lettings, all are the result of a collective effort of creativity.

Free. Viewing from the pavement.
Open 24 hours 7 days a week but hurry along, before a landlord spots an investment opportunity and evicts us.



Refugee Clearances: the end of the Jungle?

The eviction date for the Calais camp inhabitants has been confirmed for 17 October 2016.  One more chapter in the long history of refugee settlements in Northern France comes to its end, crushed by the policies of the UK and French governments.

The Jungle started its life in the wake of the destruction of the Sangatte camp. Opened in 1999 and administered by the Red Cross, Sangatte was closed in 2002 by the then French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy, under pressure from David Blunkett, UK’s interior minister. Continue reading Refugee Clearances: the end of the Jungle?

Refugee Solidarity Pub Quiz

9 AUGUST 2016 19:30
(at the Level)

The Greek island of Chios is one of the main refugee entry ports to Europe. It currently hosts approximately 2500 refugees. Dozens more arrive on a weekly basis. Since September 2015 the locals have set up a solidarity kitchen that has prepared 45.000 meals this year alone. They are not an NGO and they have no fundraising capacity.
We are collecting money for them. €1 covers 1 portion.

Xenophobia and Racism are on the Rise. Let’s Fight Back with …

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