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What can I DO? Refugee Solidarity Activism

… in case you wondered what types of actions you could take
in a local, national, and international level,
in solidarity of refugees and migrants in the UK and across Europe …


Put pressure on Brighton and Hove city council to offer more accommodation to refugees and to demand that the government accepts more refugees in the UK. Continue reading What can I DO? Refugee Solidarity Activism


solidarity in Brighton

Here is a list to the groups working in solidarity with the migrants and refugees in UK and abroad

Brighton2Calais: organises convoys of essential supplies from Brighton to refugees in the camp in Calais.

Brighton Migrant Solidarity: a grass-roots community and campaign group working to support migrants in Brighton and beyond.Brighton Migrant Solidarity run the Thousand41000 campaign which aims to recruit 1000 donators to each donate just £1 per month to provide secure rented accommodation for vulnerable migrants in the
Brighton and Hove area. They also run a Destitution Solidarity Fund and the Spare Room Network. Continue reading solidarity in Brighton