Bail for Immigration Detainees – fundraising

We have been asked by BID to circulate its fundraising call which we support. Also note at the end of the text the call for collaborations with postgraduate researchers and volunteers.

Immigration detention is the only form of detention in the UK without limits. The government doesn’t have to get a judge’s permission to detain someone. There is no time limit on detention. People can be detained for six months, a year, two years or even longer. Last year 32,446 people subject to immigration control in the UK were detained by the government.

What many people don’t know is that many of those detained had already lived in the UK for many years. Some have never known any other home, and have husbands and wives, sons and daughters, jobs, homes, lives right here in Britain.  Decisions to detain pay no heed to the impact of such a decision on the wider family.  Parents are removed without warning from the heart of the family.

Last year, Bail for Immigration Detainees‘ (BID)  Separated Families project reunited 110 families who had been torn apart by immigration detention. Those families represent just a handful of the hundreds – maybe thousands – of parents who have been detained away from their children.

The Separated Families project, like all BID’s work, relies solely on donations. BID receives no government funding and doesn’t charge its clients, who, without BID, may never have any legal advice to help them challenge their detention. BID has launched a crowd funding appeal on CrowdJustice. Dozens of parents each year depend on BID to help them get back to their families, and BID relies on donations to fund that work.

For more details on BID’s Separated Families Project or to donate to the appeal visit

BID is always very keen to engage with postgraduate students for research and volunteering. Please email for further information and to register interest.


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